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5 Fantastic benefits of makhana

5 Fantastic benefits of makhana

Lotus is an aquatic plant, belonging to the family of Nelumbonaceae. In this blog we will tell you about 5 fantastic benefits of makhana. The flowers were use for decorative purposes in ancient times but the seeds of makhana are use for medicinal uses. The largest lotus seeds producer in the world is China. But these seeds are widely utilize in food and medicine in many south-east Asian countries. Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India also uses them in high amount. There are many benefits of it but 5 five Fantastic benefits of makhana are briefly explain. The seeds of fox nuts can be consume roast, raw or ground. It can also be boil into a syrup and made into a paste after being peeled. It plays an essential role in health, nutrition and cosmetics. They are also added to several food items like jam, tea, cakes and juices.

Enhance your metabolism and immunity with Makhana

Makhana plays an important role in traditional medicinal practices. It is use as a dry powder in bread dough to add functional properties of bread. In ancient times, makhana were use in the treatment of inflammation of cancer, skin diseases and diuretics. They were also helpful in treating many ailments, including poor digestion, insomnia, chronic diarrhea, enteritis and palpitations. It has many nutritional value. Other nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins including vitamin B, C, A and E. It contains many essential minerals like potassium, magnesium and proteins.


1. Enhance digestion

Fox nuts are rich in fiber, it helps to keep the digestive tract in order. It regulates appetite and controls hunger for a long time thus accelerating weight loss. Fox nuts help to detoxify kidneys and liver. It helps in eliminating the food wastes and prevents accumulation in the body and maintain gut wellness. 

2. Build up heart health

Makhana contains a lot of magnesium in them. Magnesium is the greatest channel broker and improves the flow of blood and oxygen and other nutrients. Low levels of magnesium risk the rate of heart diseases in the body. Makhana consists of lot of nutritional value and due to this it reduces the risk of heart diseases.

3. Control anti-ageing effects

The enzymes present in lotus seeds are an inhabitant of ageing.  L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase is the enzyme that helps in managing the damaged protein cells. Powder form of makhana are use in many cosmetics to reverse the process of aging skin. It also helps in lighten the dark spots and wrinkles.

4. Promotes sleep

Makhana have antispasmodic, which means your nerves will relax and you’ll get better sleep. They are also helpful in the dilation process of the blood vessels. Makhana also help immensely in reducing depression and anxiety. And all this is helpful because of the presence of isoquinoline alkaloids in them. 

5. Helps to manage diabetes

Makhana has a low glycemic index and increasing the amount of makhana can result in a sudden spike of sugar level. They also monitor insulin response in the body and in maintaining glucose content in the bloodstream within the normal range. Consuming makhanas in evening snacks is ideal for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients have a risk of high blood pressure, so if they eat makhana it will lower their blood level in the body.

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