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How much Makhana to eat in a day?

How much Makhana to eat in a day?

How much Makhana to eat in a day for weight loss

Makhana also called fox nuts and lotus seeds comes with numerous health and medicinal benefits and is grown and produced majorly in India. About 90% of makhanas production is grown in Assam, Bihar and West Bengal. A few decades ago, the production was less and restricted to limited purposes only. Now the game for lotus seeds has changed with a rising demand in national and international markets. 

Ways makhanas can be consumed

Lotus seeds are loved by people of all age groups from a child to an old person and in various countries. The primary reason for high consumption is that not only are lotus seeds good for health, but also nutritious. To top it, these nuts can be consumed in various ways:

  • As a breakfast with milk 
  • In noon or evening time as a snack (plain, roasted or fried).
  • It can be put in many vegetable curries.
  • As a sweet dish.

Makhana consumption for adults

The health departments of different countries have listed down the number of calories an adult can take from eating makhanas. Number of calorie intake can also be dependent upon the gender of a person, age of the person, their lifestyle, height and weight of the person. 

The calorie intake can be between 1600-2400 calories per day for women and around 2000-3000 calories per day for men. 

Many people also have this question ”how much makhana to eat in a day for weight loss”? So this question will also be cleared from the list below.

So below is the total calorie intake table for children, men and women of different age groups:

            Age Group                Male                  Female 
2-5 years1000-16001000-1600
6-8 years1400-20001200-1800
9-12 years1600-24001400-2200
13-18 years 2000-32001600-2400
19-25 years2600-30002000-2400
26-35 years2400-30001800-2200
36-40 years 2400-28001800-2200
41-50 years2200-28001800-2200
51-60 years2200-26001600-2200
61-70 years2000-26001600-2000
71 and above2000-24001600-2000

Shift towards eating nuts

With growing awareness on the importance of holistic health, the entire world is now moving to eating more of proteins and less of carbohydrates. Nuts and seeds are a very important source of eating plant based proteins.

In many countries, the average intake of total protein foods is on the rise, and also the intake of healthy nuts and seeds is increasing. Health departments are recommending nuts as an important source of proteins and also ensuring well being. This trend has particularly grown in the western world in the last few years and has now become a part of the daily diets of the urban population. Countries like the UK, USA, New Zealand, China, Russia, Spain etc. are all increasingly demanding lotus seeds in different packaging and flavors.

Calories count of makhanas 

The health department has listed down the calorie count of an adult during the day. 

Below is the calorie count and nutrition content of Makhana per 100 gms:

                        Quantity                            100 grams
Calories 347 cal
Proteins 9.7 g
Fats 0.1 g
Carbohydrates 76.9 g
Fibre 14.5 g

Eating makhana at night

Fox nuts or makhana or lotus seeds are a boon for midnight munchers. They provide the requisite fiber content and protein with minimum carbohydrates. Also, lotus seeds are free from gluten so they can be consumed by people who follow a gluten free diet. Makhana also helps in weight management therefore it is fine to consume them at night also as compared to other fried, refined food and snacks available in the market.

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