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How to eat phool makhana

How to eat phool makhana

Makhanas, also called fox nuts, or lotus seeds, come from a plant called Euryale fox which grows in statuent water of wetlands or ponds in Eastern Asia. There are many people who have some doubt regarding how to eat phool makhana, in this blog we will let you know this. Makhana are used in Chinese medicines for 3000 years and find an important place in ayurveda also. Phool makhana seeds also have significance in Indian ceremonies and are a popular ‘fasting’ dish prepared during navratri and other occasions.  

Is makhana good for health?

Rajbhog phool makhanas are low in sodium, cholesterol and saturated fats and are good for your heart. They are a good source of potassium, protein, magnesium and phosphorus. As they contain high nutritional value this makes them perfect and healthy snacks. How to eat phool makhana are popular ingredients of many recipes and make a perfect snack for everyone. As it contains less cholesterol and saturated fats it is a good snack for weight loss. They can be roasted in little ghee or oil and can sprinkle salt afterwards for taste. They are very good for heart patients also. 

Benefits of makhana

Here are five health benefits of eating makhanas:

  1. Improves heart health: The less amount of sodium and high amount of potassium in makhanas help decrease the high blood pressure. The low sodium helps in keeping the blood pressure in check. The magnesium in makhana helps in improving the quality of blood and oxygen in the body.
  2. Strengthen bones: As we all know calcium plays a vital role in keeping our bones strong and healthy. Phool makhana seeds have a decent amount of calcium which makes them perfect for strengthening your bones.
  3. Helps in weight loss: Once we start losing weight, we are advised to have more protein intake. Phool makhana seeds are rich in protein which keeps them full for a longer time. This also stops one from overeating. 
  4. Good for digestion: The high fibre content in makhanas helps in improving one’s digestive health. Including them in your diet can help improve the bowel movement. In fact, regular constipation can help improve digestion and keep constipation at bay.
  5. Anti-ageing: Makahanas are great food for anti-ageing because they contain many antioxidants. A handful of makhanas daily can help you look younger and make your skin glow. They also help in prevention of excessive and frequent urination.
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