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Makhana for Baby

Makhana for Baby

When can makhanas can be given to infants

Makhana for baby is one of the healthiest foods for babies and can be introduced to babies at any time. After they turn six months old. First start with smaller amounts. Give a spoonful full of makhana powder for three to four days. Once your baby gets comfortable with it and exhibits no signs of allergy or other issues, you can slowly increase the number of fox nuts in your baby’s diet. Older babies, who are comfortable with chewing their food, can be given roasted seeds because fox nuts for toddlers are a great food option. No issue makhana for baby and toddler is a great option but don’t give in large amounts. Makhanas are said to increase body heat and hence should be given in small amounts in summers. 

Fox nuts are highly nutritious, and in India, they are popularly known as makhanas. Lotus seeds are widely consumed during the fasting season or as a healthy snacking option. It is low in calories and sodium and one feels full just eating a handful of makhanas. Lotus seeds are not only an excellent dietary supplement for adults but also an ideal food option for growing babies. You can use these nutritious seeds in a baby’s diet too. 

Benefits of makhanas for child

  • Makhanas are power-packed with the goodness of calcium and thus great for the development of your growing baby’s bones and teeth.
  • These lotus seeds are gluten-free, which makes them one of the safest foods for babies. This is because gluten-free food is less likely to cause allergies to children.
  • Being a rich source of protein, fox nuts are an ideal food supplement for babies as it helps in strengthening baby’s muscles and bones.
  • Fox nuts are loaded with antioxidant properties, which are great for maintaining good health for babies, and it also protects them from severe health conditions.
  • Makhanas  contain ample amounts of fiber and thus help in keeping your baby’s digestive system in place.
  • Lotus seeds are also beneficial for maintaining great kidney health.
  • makhanas are calorie-dense and thus make your baby feel satiated and satisfied.  Thus it may prove to be one of the ideal food options during travels.
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