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Largest Producer Of Makhana In Haryana

Largest Producer Of Makhana In Haryana

Makhana are actually water lily seeds and are also called lotus seeds and fox nuts. It is an ancient food that is harvested and eaten since prehistoric times across Asia and believed to be one of the oldest aquatic crops in Bihar and eastern India. Baz India is the largest producer of makhana in India. And being the largest producer of makhana in India they sell the best quality of lotus seeds. It comes from seeds produced by Euryale ferox, a water lily so different from any other that it is classified as a separate genus all by itself.

Makhana has been treating many diseases and people have known this for a long time. Eating makhana is value by both traditional Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. When Hindus forbid eating grains, makhana is a well regard traditional fasting food. Over the years it has become the commonly used ingredient in Indian household cooking. 

Health Benefits of Makhana 

1. Aids weight loss 

Makhana got its attention when many dietitians recommended makhana as desi super food to those who wanted to lose weight and to reach their goal weight. It is high in protein and fibre and low in calories, which means it will keep you full for a longer time. Snacking on it between meals is the best option. 

2. Reverse aging 

Makhana have an anti-aging enzyme called kaempferol, which is find in coffee too. This natural flavonoid prevents inflammation and arrests aging by repairing the damaged protein cells. Some scientists have also found that roasted lotus seeds can make coffee a good substitute for it. Lotus seeds are also high in alkaloids, saponins and gallic acid that protect the body from various diseases. 

3. Protect from heart diseases 

Makaha  contains high amounts of magnesium. Several studies have identified that low magnesium levels in the body lead to heart diseases. Have a handful of makhana everyday to fulfill the requirement of magnesium in your body. It is low in sodium and it makes it ideal for heart diseases. 

4. Ideal for diabetes

Food that contains a high glycemic index can spike blood glucose levels in the body. Makhana has lower GI as compared to most high carbohydrate foods such as rice and bread, and it is the best snacking option for diabetic patients. 

5. Treats insomnia 

Makhana were used by the Chinese for medical purposes 3000 years ago. The isoquinoline alkaloids found in seeds have calming and sedative properties. The alkaloids also help in dilating blood vessels and keep the blood pressure under control. 

Stay healthy by eating makhanas !!

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