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Is It Safe To Eat Makhana During Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Eat Makhana During Pregnancy

Makhana in Pregnancy

Makhana in pregnancy, Makhana or lotus seeds are popularly used for medical purposes in Asia and many countries across the world. It is also used in various cuisines around the world. Fox nuts can also be eaten raw and have many nutritional value. Fox nuts have many nutritional value attached to them. It is considered one of the best snacks to be consumed by pregnant women.  

Makhana benefits during pregnancy

1. Treat insomnia

Lotus seeds are the best to treat insomnia. Insomnia can be cause due to many reasons in one’s body like changing hormones, taking stress and food habits. Having lotus seeds can help treat insomnia to an extent because of the presence of isoquinoline alkaloids in them, which cause a calming effect and induce sleep. The antioxidants and vitamins present in makhana  will regulate the body’s functioning in such a way that a person feels asleep when it is their regular bedtime. 

2. Prevent diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is another disease which can be counter with the help of consuming makhana benefits. A lot of women face issues in hormonal balance during pregnancy. This includes diarrhoea as well, and makhanas are told to be the best remedy for this. Makhana can increase the strength of your digestive system and make sure that food is properly digest during this phase. Eating makhana in the early stage of pregnancy can help in avoiding diarrhoea and other digestive related issues. 

3. Blood pressure control in Pregnancy

Fox nuts are perfect if you are having blood pressure issues while you are pregnant. There is an embryo present in the middle of the fox nuts, which has vitamins and provides a cooling effect on the body. The embryo helps in keeping the blood flow under control while the other “bitter” component called “isoquinoline” is calming and helps in keeping the veins dilated during pregnancy. Fox nuts contain low sodium, high potassium, and high magnesium quantities, which improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

4. Helps in relieving painful gums

If you’re having painful and bleeding gums, then it is because of hormonal changes that take place in the middle period of pregnancy.  Due to the excess retention of water, gums can be sore and painful. By eating makhana you can increase the vitamin B complex in your body. Zinc present in makhana will help to clean and reduce the pain in your gums.

5. Control weight 

While it’s obvious to gain some weight during pregnancy, it is hard to control your weight. It is important to eat well, but don’t overeat. Makhana are best during pregnancy because they have a low glycaemic index and will help you feel full after you’ve eaten a few of them. There are several more nutrients present in lotus seeds so you can get other nutritional assets as well.

6. Makhana Control blood sugar

Lotus seeds help in controlling the sugar levels in your body during pregnancy. It is possible that your sugar level can increase during pregnancy due to stress and hormonal changes, and makhana can help them to control the same. Fox nuts are rich in vitamin B and low in calories. They also help in lowering glucose level in the blood and burning calories. 

7. Increase energy in pregnancy

One main issue pregnant women face is the feeling of fatigue. It can be very hard to overcome this, especially when you’ve done some hard work. makhana benefits is a great way to fight this because they contain iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, protein and vitamins and can help you feel energised through the day.

8. Enhance the development of foetus

Due to the higher levels of protein present in lotus seeds, you can help your foetus develop in the right manner. The growth and development of the foetus are also greatly boost by eating lotus seeds because there are a lot of minerals and vitamins present in it.

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