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Wholesaler of Makhana in India

Wholesaler of Makhana in India

Makhana, also known as fox nuts and lotus seeds, are new popcorn. It is crunchy, healthy, easy to prepare and a healthy snack. Makhana is an extremely popular ingredient for dishes and recipes, and is a perfect snack for everyone. Baz India is the best wholesaler of makhana in India. To get the best possible discounts on makhana take it from Baz India. We will make sure you get the best makhana and at affordable prices. We provide you the best wholesaler of makhana in India from our farms. 

Eating makhanas have different benefits, some are listed below:

1. It is a protein source

Lotus seeds are abundantly rich in plant based proteins- around 9.7g to 100g. The content of proteins in lotus seeds are way too much than any other grains or seeds. And protein is important for muscle mass and maintaining the body’s metabolism. Regular intake of makhana will keep your muscles healthy and strong. Though it is not recommended to binge eat makhanas, instead consume in moderate amounts.  

2. For diabetes

Diabetes is an encornical disease where your body is not able to make proper amounts of insulin in the body, a hormone that controls blood sugar level in the body. As a result diabetic patients find it very difficult to maintain their blood sugar level.  The high amount of protein of lotus seeds helps to prevent the shooting up of blood sugar levels immediately after a meal. Makhana’s antioxidants content avoids diabetic complications. 

3. For heart

Research has shown that fox nuts possess high amounts of glycosides, which have antioxidant properties to these edible seeds. As fox nuts contain low sodium it helps to lower the blood pressure. Also it is low in fats, so it also controls your cholesterol level. Eating makhana reduces the risk of myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia and other heart disorders. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are the two major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Makhana has almost negligible amounts of fats. This means it’s easy to have them without worrying about cholesterol level. 

4. For bones 

Makhana is also a rich source of calcium, and hence reduces the risk of bone fracture and pain while improving the pain. So adding fox nuts in your daily diet can help you to attain the daily recommended requirement of calcium. Eating fox nuts will not only assist in keeping your bones stronger but also decrease the chance of getting bone injuries and may help in combat issues such osteoporosis, especially among women. 

Furthermore makhana is consumed by a lot of people who are suffering from arthritis. 

5. For kidney disorders

Lotus seeds were used in traditional times as medicine for the management of a number of kidney disorders like kidney failure, urinary continence or polyuria. Proper functioning of kidneys is regulate by the pressure of blood flowing through them. Since makhana helps in regulating blood pressure, it ensures enough blood flow to the kidneys keeping them healthy. Eating lotus seeds also helps in the functioning of kidney function but before consuming it consult your doctor if you have any kidney disorder. As makhana is a good source of antioxidants it reduces stress and promotes optimal function of organs. 

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