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Makhana Makers

Who doesn’t love snacking? Everyone likes to munch between meals to keep ourselves energized. Snacking has become an integral part of our daily life in today’s fast paced world and lifestyle. And the most healthy option for snacking is makhana. It is also called fox nuts and lotus seeds. You have heard the name of Baz India, if not let me tell you they are the best makhana makers in Gurgaon. There are many snack options that are available now which are process and prepare foods that only add calories to your diet and there are very few which are healthy yet tasty alternatives. Makhana makers provide you with the best quality of makhana at very affordable prices. Baz India (makhana makers) assure you that their makhana are best in all over Delhi NCR. 

Benefits of Makhana 

  • Makhana is easy on the body and provides a wholesome to the unhealthy snacking. Makhanas are also known as a guilt free snack around the world. 
  • Fox nuts are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium and this makes an ideal snack for the in-between hunger pangs. 
  • It is also beneficial for those suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart disease due to the presence of high magnesium and low sodium content. Besides this, makhana acts as an antioxidant and is light and good for digestion. 
  • You can have them raw or fry in olive oil and it is suitable for all age groups. It contains anti-aging properties in them and it is a perfect snack for the older people. 
  • Makhana are also known for repair of damaged protein cells. 
  • People are eating makhana as popcorn in their late night snacks.

Other Options for Snacks 

1. Nuts 

Nuts are nature’s way of showing us that good things come in small packages. They are called nutritional powerhouse and are packed with heart healthy fats, proteins and vitamins. 

2. Almonds 

They are highly nutritional nuts rich in vitamin E, calcium and iron. Besides being great in taste, eating almonds boost brain health, helps in weight loss, lowers cholesterol level and reduces your hunger. Hence, it lowers your overall calorie intake. 

3. Walnuts 

Walnuts are also being referred to as a healthy snack option. They can be added to pastas, salads, breakfast cereals, desserts, soups and baked goods as well. They are also called “brain food”. 

4. Blueberries 

They are sweet in taste and are succulent and nutritious. They are the king of antioxidant food, boosts immunity, manages diabetes and helps to prevent cancer. Raw or dried you can add them to your smoothies breakfast cereals or just sprinkle over your garden salad and you are good to go. 

5. Cranberries 

These little red berries are popular and healthy food. They not help in guarding against heart diseases, types of cancer, flu and UTIs but benefits oral health too. You can have them in raw state but if you don’t like the zesty flavour of fresh berries then you can go with readily available jams or dried cranberries. 

6. Pumpkin seeds

You can eat them raw or roast them in the oven. Either ways, these seeds are the powerhouse source of vitamin B, protein, magnesium and iron. They are good evening tea time snacks and considering their size they are the effective snack. 

7. Flax seeds 

When it comes to nutritional goodness, flax seeds are on the top. Get creative and you can add them to your yogurt, salads, partfits, smoothies or morning cereals. Nutritionists and fitness trainers recommend a tablespoon of flax seeds daily. 

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